Furnished apartments for rent in Los Angeles

With a Los Angeles Furnished Apartment All You Need to Bring for Your Trip is Your Dreams


Planning a trip to Los Angeles? Book a furnished apartment for rent!

When compared to hotels and motels, this is not just a comfortable and luxurious option but also a very cost-effective one. They are spacious, offer more privacy and let you enjoy all the services, amenities and facilities that you can think of.

Furnished apartments for rent in Los Angeles are the ultimate alternative to hotel and motel living, whether you’re visiting just for a few days or for months. At Los Angeles Guest Suites we make it our priority to ensure that you experience all of the comforts of home, as you get to know this incredible city. Arriving here to your own private posh pad sets the tone for fantastic trip that will fulfill all of your dreams.

Los Angeles is a city that invites millions of visitors every year. Whether you want to taste the glamorous life of the city or try your luck at your fortune and fame, a furnished apartment for rent can be the best way to enjoy the city. Although it is only for a while, you can surely live life like a Hollywood superstar by living in one of the most luxurious furnished apartments available for rent in Los Angeles.

Why Choose Furnished Apartments For Rent in Los Angeles?

As the entertainment capital of the world, millions flock to L.A. each year to try their luck at fame and fortune, or just to get a taste of the glamorous life. Having your own furnished apartment rental to call home while in town gives you that Hollywood sense of style, the second you enter the foyer. At Los Angeles Guest Suites, we work hard to make sure that each furnished apartment we provide for rent has just what you need to feel like a superstar.

Furnished apartments in Los Angeles give you more space and privacy then a local hotel, but at a fraction of the cost. Dollar for dollar you could save as much as 30% off of your living expenses by choosing a cozy apartment to rent over a cold hotel room. Even if you only plan on spending a few days in Los Angeles, you will find short term options in our extensive listings of furnished apartments for rent.

There is more flexibility with choosing a furnished apartment for rent in Los Angeles. We can help you choose the right neighborhood, size of the apartment, and the amenities that will help you to feel right at home the moment you enter the front door.


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What Amenities are Included With Furnished Apartments for Rent in Los Angeles?

What makes a rental in Los Angeles so fantastic is that you choose the amenities that you want and need, and we help you find the furnished apartment that includes them. All of our rentals come with a full kitchen that includes everything you need to make a meal – except for the ingredients. Other amenities to consider include cable television, internet access, washing machine and dryer and maid service. We can even help you find a furnished apartment with pool or beach access if you plan on soaking in some bright California sun during your stay here.

Apartments are furnished in a variety of styles, from upscale and posh for business travelers, to warm and cozy for families. There is no detail overlooked when ensuring that the furnished apartment you choose is set up to perfection according to your style and tastes.

There is no reason why you have to waste away your days in a stuffy hotel room. Let Los Angeles Guest Suites find you a furnished apartment that makes you feel like Hollywood royalty the second you step inside.

The options are many when it comes to furnished apartments for rent in Los AngelesLocating one of these is not at all a problem. We, at Los Angeles Guest Suites, offer an extensive listing of furnished apartments that fit every budget and requirement. The search option helps you filter the results in terms of the neighborhood, number of bedrooms, the kind of amenities, parking facilities, the services you require and much more.

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