How Vacation Rentals can Reduce Stress?

Vacation rentals have gained immense popularity over the past few years. Though there are still a large number of people who do not want to deviate from their love of ‘hotel- only’ holidays, there is a growing number of people who have found a new kind of joy in spending their precious vacation time with their loved ones. Vacation rentals seem to have a clear edge over hotels in many ways. As they continue to become the center of attraction amongst vacationers, they not only offer various logistical advantages, they can greatly reduce your stress if you are traveling with family which includes young children. Read on to learn how vacation rentals can greatly reduce your stress:-

No worries about your holiday budget

If you plan your vacation in advance, vacation rentals in cities like Los Angeles can help you in staying within your holiday budget. This means no worries about burning a big hole in your pocket while you are having fun with your family.

Cooking your own meals

Cooking your own meals can be a great stress buster in more ways than one. First of all, cooking is therapeutic. Secondly, when you have the option of eating in, you definitely would not have to waste your time on making a decision on where to eat, when to eat, how much to spend on food bills etc. You can cook hearty meals with your family and enjoy at the same time without worrying every moment.

You are not restricted in vacation rentals

Unlike hotel rooms, vacation rentals will not limit you to a single or a double room. Almost all vacation rentals come with a lot of extra space which means that you are not confined to a set of just four walls and can enjoy open spaces and group activities with your family. This is especially helpful if you are traveling with young children.

You can be more flexible in your planning with vacation rentals

When you have the flexibility to plan your own meals or maybe the nap time of your kids along with other things you can definitely enjoy the liberty of planning things like indoor activities, excursions etc.

Vacation rentals give you a chance to experience local community

While staying in a vacation rental you can temporarily be a part of local culture and community. This experience can be quite enriching for you and your family and who knows, you might just make some new friends.

No need to stress about over packing

Most vacation rentals come with all the basic amenities like bathroom linen, kitchenware etc. along with in- house washing machine and dryer. This means that you can do your own laundry. So you do not have to stuff your suitcases if you are planning to stay in vacation rentals.

You do not have to leave your furry friends behind

Most hotels have a strict no pets policy whereas many vacation rentals happily welcome pets. So when you have your entire family including your pet with you, you will not have to worry about your pet.

Hotels Or Vacation Rentals- Which One Is Preferable?

One of the major shifts in vacation trends that the world has witnessed over the last few years is the ever growing popularity of vacation rentals. Even hardcore travelers who probably have never given a second thought about where to stay instead of a hotel are considering vacation rental as a possibility. Much like everything else in this world, both vacation rentals in Los Angeles California as well as hotels have their own pros and cons. So if you’re confused like many of us, about whether to stay in a hotel or experience a vacation rental in Los Angeles California on your next trip, here are some things that are worth making a note about.

So let us begin with talking about food. Now if you are in a hotel, food is just a phone call or an order away. You can order from a variety of cuisines and even sample things that you have never tasted before. On the other hand, in a vacation rental, you have an option to cook for yourself and also for people who are traveling with you. Now it may sound a little tedious, but the joy of going to a local market, buying fresh ingredients and whipping up a simple meal meant to be enjoyed with near and dear ones is incomparable. And most vacation rentals come with full equipped kitchens which are ready for use.

The next thing that may be considered for comparison is the space offered by hotels and vacation rentals. While space may not be a big hindrance because while you are on a vacation you just want a comfortable place to get sleep and get ready. However, if you are traveling with more number of people space might become a problem, because unless you make reservations for multiple rooms, accommodating many people in one room can cause problems and additional expenses. With vacation rentals, space is not much of a problem. Generally, all vacation rentals have multiple rooms which may include a garden area and a living room as well. And depending on what you are planning to rent the rental may come with its own pool and playing area as well.

There are many myths that have become associated with vacation rentals. One of the biggest myths is the lack of amenities which are otherwise provided by hotels. A hotel gives complimentary toiletries, linen, housekeeping services etc. Believe it or not, theses facilities may be available in your vacation rental also depending upon which type of vacation rental you choose. More and more vacation rentals are upgrading their systems and now function more like home style resorts.

So, whether you choose to stick with hotels or want to experience a vacation rental, hopefully, we have been able to help you a little bit. Hotels, as well as vacation rentals, have their own individual advantages. However, what you choose should depend upon your individual requirements as well as the requirements of the family and friends you are traveling with.

Vacation Rentals- Enjoy the Comfort of Home While Travelling

As soon as we hear the word “vacation”, we think of something fun and relaxing. But all those who have taken a family vacation, know one thing clearly. And that is, family vacations can become stressful. Sure, it’s a fun way to spend time with the family and forge deeper bonds with loved ones but planning a vacation with many family members can be a huge task. Different members of the family have different requirements. For example; the older members like the grandparents will require different things as compared to the kids. And if you are planning to take a long vacation, there is a good possibility that one member may get homesick. Well, who can blame them? There is really no place like home.

Home Away Home

Now you can enjoy the comfort of your home while travelling. Vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular as the number of people taking vacations has been increasing yearly. Vacation rentals can be your home away from home. For people who are skeptical about the idea of choosing a vacation rental over a hotel, there are some very clear advantages of the former over the latter.

Bigger and Better

A vacation rental is much more spacious than a hotel. Sure, a hotel will be much “bigger” but how much of a big hotel do you actually enjoy? A vacation rental gives you a space big enough for your whole family to enjoy and bond. You can enjoy your quiet time of solitude as well as gather together and make memories. You can all get together and do simple family activities like playing games, catching up on TV shows etc. Also, unlike a hotel where the rental is charged for each room, a vacation rental gives you the option of having multiple rooms at your disposal. This way it’s not only easy on your pocket, you can utilize the other spare rooms to make yourself comfortable. For example, if you are travelling with a baby, you can put them to sleep in a quiet room just like you would do at your own home.


Another advantage of vacation rentals is the abundance of amenities. In hotels, you are charged heavily for all the services you avail, while in a vacation rental all basic amenities like entertainment unit, washer/ dryer etc are all included. You can enjoy your holiday and not miss out on your daily comfort as well. Now, with the trend of vacation rentals going up, many luxury vacation rentals in Los Angeles are opening up for people looking for luxurious comfort. Today vacation rentals not only provide the occupants with all the basics, but many luxury vacation rentals in Los Angeles provide extra luxurious facilities like valet service, spa services etc. You can find vacation rentals with fully equipped and functional kitchens . So you can cook your meals and not eat out if you do not want to.

Lastly, vacation rentals can be a great option for pet owners. Most hotels either do not allow pets or may have strict policies on keeping pets within the hotel. You can keep your pet with you while you are staying in a vacation rental. This means, that you won’t be worried sick about your pet’s well-being while you are on a holiday. Your pet can also enjoy the vacation with you. The comfort provided by a vacation rental cannot be compared to a hotel where the services are highly commercialized and pricy.

Finding a Vacation Home in Los Angeles

The concept of a vacation home is becoming popular every day. And the best part is that it has proved useful for both family vacations as well as for independent travelers. Your decision to opt for a vacation home rental will definitely leave you with more space and more privacy. Most importantly, you’ll save your hard earned money by not going for a posh hotel. And if you are lucky enough to find some of the best vacation rentals, then you’ll surely get access to spacious kitchens along with dryers and washers. On the other hand, if the property is a portion of a big resort, you will even get access to golf fields and tennis courts.

And luckily nowadays, the rentals can be found in almost all the parts of the world. So, if you’re looking desperately towards vacation homes for rent in Los Angeles, then the task of finding a few can be just a mouse click away! You will find numerous rentals listed online. However, the task of finding the best possible vacation rental as per your requirement is not an easy one by any stretch of imagination. So, let’s now explore how to go about it.

How to Get Started? 

The best way to start will be by comparing the rates. For instance, when you have set your mind towards vacation homes for rent in Los Angeles, then it’s important for you to understand that the rates can vary to a great extent. So, it’s your responsibility to research and compare the rates in order to grab the best possible deal the industry is offering. At the same time, vacation home rental agreements should be signed only after evaluating the property conditions. This is absolutely important as it does not make sense to spend even a single night with your family if the property is not properly maintained. Before finalizing a vacation rental you must also enquire about its range of amenities, and the views it is offering from your rooms.

Now, it’s important to understand that the websites you are looking for can simply be a forum which offers the listing of owner’s properties, while another set of websites can be maintained by rental agents in a professional manner. In this context, you must realize that sometimes the sites maintained by rental agents can take some crucial initiatives if anything is not right with your selected vacation home.

Tips to Find a Good Los Angeles Vacation Home 

A)     Read the Contract 

Before making your final decision, it’s absolutely mandatory to read the fine print or contract of your vacation home. You must commit only after understanding everything that it involves. The terms and conditions must clearly specify all the details about property insurance, deposits or caution money, services available, local transportation, repair and cleaning services, and the details related to furnishings and physical layout. This will obviously reduce the risk of receiving unpleasant surprises to a great extent. Do keep in mind always that a good Los Angeles vacation home will invariably specify all the details in an absolutely clear and simple manner.

B)      Know Your Requirement 

It’s extremely important to know your requirement at the time of selecting a vacation home. For instance, if you have an elderly person in your family, then always settle for a property that does not have many steps. On the other hand, in the presence of kids, it becomes your responsibility to know whether the vacation home includes baby gates at the stairs or not. Also, make sure whether pets can be allowed to share the vacation home along with you. Remember, these little details will go a long way towards finding a good Los Angeles vacation home. Also, do keep in mind that many vacation homes provide feedback and reviews of their past guests or visitors. So, read them carefully in order to make a right decision.

C)      Begin Early 

Finally, begin as early as possible when the task is about finding a vacation rental. An early planning on your part becomes all the more important in case of vacation homes for rent in Los Angeles area. This is mainly because of the stiff competition and the rising demand for vacation homes in the City of Los Angeles. Moreover, an early start can even end up giving you a significant booking discount. So, hurry up!

Plan for a Perfect Los Angeles Vacation

Los Angeles, the largest city of California, never fails to amuse its visitors, be it tourists or business travelers. There is a lot to see and do in and around the city of Los Angeles. There are about 300 museums, many well-known theme parks. There are mountains, lakes, and beaches. Also Hollywood studio tours, entertainment and music shows. The one thing you will need to take in the city is time. If you plan carefully, your vacation in Los Angeles can turn out absolutely perfect.


There are two ways to plan your Los Angeles Vacation:


The first one is to hire the services of a travel agency that can chalk out a perfect plan for your vacation. This option is definitely the easier of the two for all you need to do is give your specifications and requirements, set your budget, pay the money and pack your bags and leave. The travel agents will have all the information about flights to Los Angeles, various accommodation options available, places to see in and around Los Angeles and things to do, best time to visit each place and more. Through their extensive network they make sure they get you great deals on flight tickets, accommodation and sight-seeing packages. They may even prepare a customized all-inclusive package for you that will work out very reasonable for you.


The other option however can be a lot of fun. This is the option where you do the research on the available flights from your place to Los Angeles, look for various accommodation options, check out places of interest in and around the city, plan out the activities that can make your vacation memorable and negotiate for discounts and deals. Yes, this option does involve more of your time and efforts; but the kind of satisfaction it can give you is something that is incomparable.


These are a few things you need to know if you are doing all the planning on your own:


Travel: There are five commercial airports you can choose as your destination if you want to take a vacation to Los Angeles and the places nearby. While the LA international airport is the most convenient one, you can also consider the John Wayne airport, the Long Beach airport, the Burbank airport and also the Ontario airport. Once you decide on the various places that you want to visit it becomes easier to choose the right airport.


Accommodation: LA offers many options for accommodation such as hotels, resorts, motels, inns, guesthouses, serviced apartments, dormitories, bed and breakfast places and more. Of course you also have the option of staying at a friend’s or a relative’s house if possible. If it is not possible the next best choice would be to go for short term apartment rentals in Los Angeles. These offer comfortable places to stay at very reasonable rates. A simple online search on ‘Luxury Vacation rentals Los Angeles’ will give you all the results that you may need. Make sure you consider the location, size, the facilities available, safety aspects and the rental and compare a few options before you finalize on the perfect accommodation to stay in Los Angeles.


Transportation:Without a means for transportation you might feel quite handicapped in Los Angeles. There are many transportation agencies and organizations that you can take advantage of while in Los Angeles. Going for a ‘rent-a-car’ option is probably the best and most cost-effective option if you can drive and have an international driving license. This will give you full control over your itinerary which you can change whenever you want during your stay in Los Angeles. If you go with a touring agency, you will have to stick to their schedule and wait for their buses and charters.


Itinerary: Before you chalk out your itinerary, you need to make sure you make a list of things you want to do and places you want to visit in and around the city. This will help you plan accordingly and enjoy your vacation completely without missing out on anything.


If you are a first time traveler to Los Angeles it might be better to go with the first option as you may not know much about the city or the places surrounding the city. Most travel agencies will take care of all your travel arrangements starting from picking you up from your place and dropping you back, especially if you plan to go for a travel package. If you are frequent visitor to Los Angeles you may want to make your trip more adventurous by planning on your own. If you consider all the important things and plan effectively you might even have the most memorable vacation of your life.

Finding the Perfect Vacation Home for Rent – A Few Tips

If you are taking a vacation to Los Angeles, it would be a great idea to look for a few short term apartment rentals in Los Angeles as an accommodation option. You can find many by running a search on ‘furnished houses for rent in Los Angeles ca’ or ‘luxury vacation rentals Los Angeles.’ Of course Los Angeles offers many options for accommodation such as hotels, motels, tents, RVs and campers. Nevertheless, vacation home for rent prove to be very cost-effective and also comfortable. If you put in some efforts to do some homework you may even find some of the best deals.

Vacation home refers to a fully-furnished apartment, condo or private home that is offered on rent. Although the stay is very much similar to a hotel, you get many added benefits such as privacy, more space, additional comforts and a nice homely feel. You also get to enjoy a few travel supplies. Though the options are many, the main thing is to look for one at a reasonable price. Here are a few ways through which you can look for an excellent vacation rental home at an excellent price:

Be ready to negotiate: Like everything comes with a price, there will be a price listed for vacation rentals too. However, you can always get a better deal if you try and negotiate. In case there is a particular property that interests you make sure you express your interest to the property manager or owner and see if you can get a lower rate. You can even straight away suggest the amount that you are ready to pay. This technique often works very well during off-season. However, before you decide to negotiate you need to be prepared to do one of these two things:

  • Go with the rental price that is on the listing
  • Walk away

One thing you need to remember is that this is not the only choice you are left with. Another renter might be willing to offer you a vacation home at the same rate that you are asking and he might be just an email or a phone call away.

Try looking for vacation rentals in the outskirts of the city or just outside the city: Short term apartment rentals in Los Angeles may be higher when compared to those that you can find just outside the city. If you do not mind a bit of traveling to visit the popular attractions of the city, this could be a great way to save money. This way you may even extend your stay and enjoy the city for a longer time.

Book as early as possible: Once you have made your decision on your vacation, you have to start booking so as to get best prices not just on accommodation but also on air fares. Talking about luxury vacation rentals Los Angeles provides, booking early will put you in a better position to negotiate with property managers or owners who may be prepared to offer their vacation homes for lesser rates than let it sit empty throughout. If you try to cut it too short, the demand might increase and hence the rentals too. Once you book early, in case you find a better place, you can always cancel your booking without paying any penalty.

Try being a little Flexible: If possible try booking your vacation depending upon the discounts that you may get on your airfares and vacation rentals. This way you can book your trip during off-season where you can get plenty of deals. During such times you will come across more owners or property managers who will be ready to negotiate on the prices of vacation homes for rent. You can find many on various vacation rental sites such as FlipKey and HomeAway that list out discounted deals. You will have to be quite flexible in terms of many things such as property type, amenities, views and location too.

Run Searches on multiple sites: Relying on one site to find that perfect vacation rental may not be advisable. You will have to run searches on multiple sites. Alternatively you can try something like that puts up listings from many vacations rental sites in one place. Once you have decided on a particular vacation home, you can go to its original webpage to book. You can even try which lists out all the rooms that are available on rent from hotels to vacation rentals to hostels and enables you to compare.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rentals Home?

If you are going on a vacation, a cost-effective accommodation option could be opting for vacation rental rather than staying in a luxurious resort as the latter is more expensive. You can rent out a house, a furnished apartment or even a condominium complex or resort that has been professionally managed. Such accommodations are becoming very popular across the world today. You are sure to find many options in Los Angeles too, in case you are looking for any of the holiday homes to rent in Los Angeles. There are many ways you can choose from if you want to find that perfect vacation rentals home anywhere in Los Angeles. Some of these include:

  • Searching for short term apartment rentals in Los Angeles on Property Listing Website: You will be able to find many properties to rent, on these websites. You will get full details about such apartments along with photos and videos. Nevertheless, in case you want to go in for a rent-to-own option you can try or These however charge a membership fee if you wish to view any additional information other than exterior photos or number of bedrooms or baths.
  • Working with one of the real estate agents who work in your desired market: Most such agents will have their own listings for many vacation homes to rent.  You may even get some inside information about the people who put up such homes for rent.
  • Browsing through Newspaper classifieds or property magazines: These may help you know about some genuine options that you can consider right away.
  • Using Social Media to let the world know about your requirement: You can put your requirement as a status message on your Facebook or Twitter page to tell your friends and followers. In case they are aware of such options they might give you the exact details or even help out by looking for such options.

Location, amenities and budget are all things that you need to consider before going in for a vacation home to rent. Do your research well and make sure you grab the best of the deals to gain excellent value for your money.

Here are a few tips that can help you in the process:

  • Start Early: This will help you in knowing about more options and even in getting discounts from the home owners. Also keep in mind that during peak seasons these rates may increase.
  • Get your specifications clear: Knowing what exactly you want before looking for it can help you save a lot of time and efforts. Specifying your requirements clearly will help you in finding that perfect vacation home you want to rent.
  • Compare your options: Do not settle for the first vacation home that you find. It pays to have at least three to four options and compare them to choose the best of all.
  • Read the fine print: Go through the terms and conditions clearly before you sign that agreement. This will help you avoid many unpleasant surprises that might prove expensive in the long run.

Reading a few reviews or feedbacks given by previous guests will help you understand more clearly, what you can expect out of the deal. You can do some asking around to clarify all your queries before you make that final decision.

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Top 6 Advantages for Renting Furnished Apartments

If you happen to be moving to Los Angeles for a short period of time, it would be wise to look for furnished apartments for rent in Los Angeles rather than going for unfurnished. It doesn’t make sense to move all your furniture or buy new if you are going to stay only for a short period of time. In fact furnished apartments for rent in Los Angeles are  widely available and by performing an online search you will find many results. The benefits of opting for furnished apartments for rent include:

Better mobility: In case you are not comfortable with the apartment that you have selected you can easily find another. There are no headaches of moving your appliances and furniture again. It saves a lot of time, efforts and money.

Easy to move: Packing and moving appliances and furniture can be very stressful. You will need to organize, throw away what is no longer needed, research new stores to purchase things, schedule the movers to transport from one place to another. Renting a furnished apartment can make things much easier for you without having to worry about things being left out or broken during the move. You can focus more on getting your paperwork done and taking care of your family. It can all be done in one single day.

Determine your requirements:Furnished apartments offer many kinds of facilities and vary when it comes to pricing. You will not need to buy any appliances or furniture. However, it is always better to check if the apartment that you choose has all the amenities that you require. Also, check to see if you can let go of any amenities that may not be of use to you, or you can look for furnished apartments without these amenities and save money in the process.

Home Decor: If you are a person who loves home decoration items like pictures, sculptures and flower arrangements you are bound to be amazed by the aesthetic appeal that furnished apartments can offer. You might feel happier living in the apartment. However, if you want a cheaper option, you can go for one with more of a general design.

Cost-Effective: Selecting an unfurnished apartment does not necessarily mean you save money. In fact, initially you will end up purchasing so many things that you you’ll have a hard time keeping track of your purchases. Be it curtains, cots, mattresses, bed covers, wardrobes, chairs, dining sets, sofa sets, TV units, study tables, kids’ furniture, appliances and more. On the other hand, furnished apartments come fully equipped and they are usually decorated in a very aesthetically appealing manner. All you do is just pack your clothes and valuables and then move in.

Maintenance-free: Most owners of furnished apartments provide assistance when it comes to maintenance as it is very important for them to keep their furniture and appliances intact and good working order. Any help that you may need will be available instantly. In turn you always get a clean looking home without the need of to much effort.

Furnished apartments do come with their own set of benefits and when moving in for a short term it would be better to choose them over the unfurnished or semi-furnished ones. However, a bit of research on your part will help you get an excellent deal on rent. This will help in keeping your costs low, while increasing your convenience and comfort. Nowadays there are many websites out there on the net that include photos, read the specifications, compare the rents and make your final decision.

Happy house hunting!

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Top 8 Tips for First Timers – Vacation Apartment Rental

Vacation apartments are getting very popular across the world. They can be very cost-effective, while letting you enjoy similar luxuries and amenities that you would get in a hotel room. An online search will help you locate apartments anywhere in the world. For instance, if you are looking for one in Los Angeles, you can type in a search phrase like “vacation apartment rentals in Los Angeles” or “Apartments Furnished in Los Angeles” to get all the results that you want. If this is the first time that you are planning to rent a vacation apartment, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The following tips can help in making your search easy and successful:

  • Budget:Budget is the most important factor to consider when looking for a vacation apartment.  You don’t want to pay to much only because you want to live in a luxurious apartment which goes way beyond your budget. Be sure you look for apartments that fit your budget.
  • Location:Location is another thing you should focus on when looking for a vacation apartment. The apartment you look for should be in a good and safe area with shopping centers, restaurants, banks and tourist attractions at commutable distances. Looking for a vacation apartment in the outskirts of a city may make you feel isolated and even bored. Also, you may have to do a lot of traveling which might drain your pocketbook.
  • Amenities: You need to check if you get access to amenities like a health club or swimming pool so that you can spend your time in a relaxed manner. Also check how big the apartment is and if it comes with a private balcony where you can spend some leisure time.
  • Furniture: Determine what furnishings you will need and see if these things are available in the apartment that you rent. For instance, if you want to cook your own meals, you might need a fully equipped kitchen with utensils, pots and pans, stove, refrigerator, small appliances as well as cleaning supplies. If you want to do your laundry you may want to look for a washer and dryer. Other furniture may include a fold-out sofa, king size beds, dressers, dining tables, wardrobes or chairs.
  • Utilities:Utilities such as 24/7 electricity, water, telephone, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and cable TV are things you may need when purchasing a vacation apartment for rent. If you want to save some money you can do away with a few of these utilities like air-conditioning or Wi-Fi.
  • Transportation: In case you have your own vehicle, you may need a secured parking space in the area. In case you don’t have your own vehicle, you may have to look for a vacation apartment that is well-connected with taxi service and the public transportation system.
  • Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions of the agreement are to be read through with great care. You need to check if the place is in good condition, what the duration for which the rent will be charged, what amount you need to pay as security deposit, is this refundable and do you have to give any advance notice before you leave. Also, in case you have a pet, you need to check if there is a pet deposit.
  • Safety: Safety is one of the most important things you need to check for. Check if it is a gated community that has security cameras and a security guard at all times.